Current Puppies - Litter planned for this winter

Nov 2015 - "C" Litter.
It has been a long time since we have had a pile of pups!!!

Mom: Tillie      Dad: Marshall

They missed their Thanksgiving due date but on the 28th Tillie delivered 6 girls and 4 boys via c-section.
They are very strong, very dark and very uniform. (red cast from lights)

Now that they are here we have to convince Tillie these are pups, these are hers and to take care of them. Sometimes first-time moms and c-sections can be a real issue. So we loaded everyone in the car and headed home to see how many more sleepless nights were ahead.
What just happened?

What the heck are those?

Remember the trip to Marshall? You thought he was cute. (here, try another bite)
Well 9 weeks later this is the result. You are the mother.
You have responsibilities.
You have to feed them (it will be ok as you won't believe how much extra you get to eat. (here, try this piece).
The other part of this is the cleaning - you would be much better at it than we are so could you try?
Tillie is a quick study. It took her just a few hours to decide those were pups. They were hers. And she is Mother of the Year.

We are sleeping by the whelping box to supervise just in case but it sure looks like we will soon be able to sleep through a night. (actually it is very relaxing to sleep listening to contented pups so one of us will probably continue that and pretend it is work!)
                                                                Sel Ex CH HiCliff's Bronson Kaleef ROM OFA
                                              Sel Ex CH Karizma's Malawi Kaleef Von Loar OFA
                                                                CH Karizma's Libra von Loar ROM
                           CH Von Hamm Luzak We've Cleared The Tower  OFA
                                                                CH Cade of Fran-Jo
                                              CH Windfall's Emancipation of Mimi
                                                                GCH Joelle's Golddigger of Jesseffan ROM
                 Tillie's Late For Thanksgiving Dinner Litter
                                                                VA Triumph's Gucci SchH3 IPO3 Universal Sieger KKL1a
                                              Fairway's Gordon v Nadelwald HXCs HSCs TC TDI OFA Excellent
                                                                V Xenta v Lammersbeek SchH1 KKL 1a
                          Fairway's Tillie v Nadelwald OFA
                                                                Fairway's Foster v Nadelwald TC
                                              Fairway's Imagine v Nadelwald TC OFA
                                                                Fairway's Garbo v Nadelwald OFA

For those who asked:
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We are so pleased with the C litter that we plan to repeat it ASAP. That means we hopefully we will have pups available in early spring.